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3 Advantages Of Bringing An Office Coffee Service To Your Breakroom

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Do your employees look like they could use a pick me up most mornings? If you feel like the entire office is just struggling to keep their eyes open early in the day, perhaps it’s time to toss your workers a perk that could help them stay focused on their work. Most office break rooms have at least a basic coffee machine, but did you know there are companies out there that can provide a much greater selection of java for your employees? Here are three solid reasons to hire an office coffee service. High End Brew Don’t ever drink stale coffee again. Most professional coffee service businesses only carry the latest and greatest high end brands. You can likely customize their vending machines with a wide array of products that will please all taste buds in the office. ...

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St. Patrick’s Day Party Reception Hall Decorating Ideas

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If your family and friends love to get into the St. Paddy’s Day spirit, instead of throwing a party at your house this year, really get into the spirit and rent a reception hall. A reception hall will give you all the room you need to throw a truly great St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Keep reading for some easy and cute decorating ideas. Add Green The Natural Way One of the easiest ways to add green to the reception hall is to add it the natural way. Bring in plants from outside to add some green to the party. Gather up houseplants from your friends and family. Depending on the type and amount of plants you are able to gather up, you can use them a few different ways. You can set small houseplants on the tables as centerpieces....

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3 Fun Parts Of Taking Wine Tours

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If your wife’s birthday is coming up and you cannot think of anything fun to do for her, have you considered arranging a private wine tour? If she likes wine, this could be the perfect event for you to do with her on her special day. Here are some of the features you might find with wine tours in your area: Limousine Services Wine tours are often taken in large groups or small groups. For a small private wine tour, you could arrange for a limousine to take you to and from several different wineries. This is a great way to pamper your wife on her birthday, and you would not have to worry about drinking and driving. A limousine could meet you at a certain location, and the driver will take you to the wineries of your choice....

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The Health Benefits of Pizza You May Be Overlooking

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When you go out to eat with friends and family and there is pizza on the menu, you may hear something like “pizza is so bad for you” or “there are way too many calories in pizza! You shouldn’t be eating it.” Well, actually there are some health benefits of pizza that you may be overlooking. In fact, here are a couple that will make you rethink your decision on ordering the pizza on the menu and even help to convince friends and family to try it out, as well: The Tomato Paste: The sauce on pizza is probably the best part about the pizza. This is because the tomato paste is high in lycopene, which is an antioxidant that reduces your risk of prostate cancer. Also, the red carotenoid in tomatoes reduces the risk of sunburn, which in...

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Keeping Your Cool: Protecting Yourself From Food Spoilage During Power Outages

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Thanks to the inventions of scientists over the years, modern society is able to count on electricity being available at the flip of a switch. It’s pretty much something people take for granted these days. But, sometimes Mother Nature sends people severe weather just to show who is boss. These dangerous weather conditions can lead to power outages. While outages are mostly inconvenient, spoiled food as a result of an outage is a health hazard. Fortunately, there are steps that can be taken to protect yourself. What Are the Health Hazards of Consuming Spoiled Food? Consuming spoiled food can lead to food-borne illnesses. One of the most common illnesses is Salmonella. Some of the symptoms of food poisoning from Salmonella include gastrointestinal problems such as frequent vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal cramps, and elevated temperature. Severe infections can lead to dangerous...

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