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Expand Your Restaurant’s Menu Options With These Three Pieces Of Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

Expanding your restaurant’s menu offerings is one way to help boost sales. With the right commercial refrigeration equipment, you can add new items and menu options for your customers. Use the following ideas to invigorate your menu and help increase sales and profits in your establishment.

Stand-Up Drink Refrigerators

If you have a separate take-out counter for your restaurant, adding a stand-up drink refrigerator gives you a great option for add-on sales. You can stock sodas, juices and bottled water in the cooler so customers can grab a beverage to go with their take-out meal. If you have a liquor license, you might want to consider adding beer and wine to the cooler for added sales. Place the refrigerator next to your take-out cash register to make the added purchases easier for your customers.

Salad Bar Tables

Salad bars give you a chance to offer healthy eating options while also taking some of the work away from your servers during busy lunch and dinner rushes. The salad components can be prepped in your kitchen ahead of time and placed in the compartments on the salad bar table before each meal. The refrigerated table keeps the items crisp and cold for your customers, and the versatile table design makes it easy to use for a fruit salad bar if you offer brunch on the weekends. Look for a table that has room for plates and flatware on either end to make it easier for your customers to serve themselves. Long tables with multiple compartments for salad fixings and dressings help to create a more diverse selection for your salad bar, making the salad option more enticing for your lunch and dinner crowd.

Refrigerated Dessert Cases

If your pastry chef is talented, you may want to expand your dessert menu to include whole pies, cakes and pastries that can be taken home at the end of the meal. This helps to increase table turnover by encouraging dessert outside of the dining room while still giving you the chance to make the dessert sale. Choose an upright case that can be seen on the way into the dining room to give customers a sneak peak at what they might be able to buy to take home with them, and be sure to invest in bakery boxes with your restaurant’s name on them for an added bit of advertisement. You can also use the display case to show potential catering customers your available dessert options for their upcoming events.

Choosing the right pieces of commercial refrigeration equipment for your restaurant can make it easier to expand your menu offerings and boost sales. Use these ideas as inspiration to increase the options available to your customers.