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Catering Tips for Your New Year’s Eve Wedding

Getting married on New Year’s Eve is sure to make your wedding memorable, but how do you choose a catering menu that fits with the theme of the night? After all, since the ceremony and reception are likely to be late, you’re not going to want to serve a full meal that late at night. Instead, consider offering a buffet table of light snacks or even catered, passed trays to keep your guests nibbling all night long. Here are some great catering ideas to help you ring in the New Year and your new marriage at the same time.

Offer Lean Proteins

Providing your guests with thinly sliced turkey or lean beef will ensure that everyone has the protein needed to maintain stable blood sugar levels to stay awake and alert enough to celebrate the turn of the year as part of your reception. Don’t try to offer a large meal, because large amounts of food that late could make some of your guests tired.

Provide the Right Carbohydrates

Everyone will be getting their share of refined sugar from your wedding cake, so you want to consider complex, healthy carbohydrates for the rest of the evening. These carbohydrates break down into energy more slowly, providing consistent energy instead of a blood sugar rush that is followed by a sudden drop. Opt for multi-grain pita breads or whole grain crackers to go with the proteins that you’re offering.

Select the Right Dips and Spreads

Sometimes, whole grain crackers are best served with a spread. Consider cream cheese spreads with olives or fruits to add flavor and a little bit of added protein from the cheese. These also help to keep your guests eating lighter. If you’re going to be offering foods suitable for dipping, consider a couple of light, creamy dips, like fresh dill dip with Greek yogurt.

Don’t Skip the Veggies

Vegetable plates are a great choice for evenings like this, because they are not only healthy, but light. The crunch, color and freshness are sure to be a hit as your guests mingle, celebrate your union and wait for the New Year to arrive.

Put On a Champagne Show

Every wedding has champagne. Set yours apart and ring in the New Year in style with a champagne tower. Talk with your catering service about setting up a large tower of flowing champagne that will be sure to wow your guests. The sparkling, bubbly drink is sure to create an impressive sight.

As you can see, there are many ways to offer catered foods for your New Year’s Eve wedding without weighing everyone down. Talk with your catering service about options like these for your event.