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Factors To Consider When You Want To Open A Gourmet Sandwich Shop

Posted by on Jan 3, 2017 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Factors To Consider When You Want To Open A Gourmet Sandwich Shop

If you have decided that you want to open a gourmet sandwich shop as your next business endeavor, there are a myriad of factors that you can and should consider. However, when you have not run a specialty food business or restaurant before, you may not even know where to begin the planning and opening process. Before you make any major decisions about your fledgling gourmet sandwich shop, get to know some of the factors that you absolutely should consider as you begin the planning process. Then, you can be sure that you are making the right decisions and choices for you and your business. Be Sure that You Find Great Bread Companies to Work With One of the most important elements to any fantastic sandwich is the bread. Without good bread, a sandwich is simply not worth eating. As such, one of the first steps that you will want to take as you plan to open your gourmet sandwich shop is to find bread companies that can provide you with unique and interesting bread choices that can make your sandwiches truly unique and one of a kind. Look for bread companies that bake their breads fresh every day and will deliver them to your shop fresh and ready to slice. You may also want to work with bread companies that offer a variety of different options for people with unique dietary needs. This may include low-carb bread, gluten-free breads, and kosher breads. Of course, this may mean that you work with more than one bread company, but you will do well to ensure that you have a variety of bread options to work with. For more information, contact local professionals like Klosterman Baking Company. Decide If Organic and Free Range Meat and Other Products Are Important to You There are many ways that you may be able to set your gourmet sandwich shop apart from the rest of the sandwich shops in your area. One way could be to exclusively use organic products and free range meats. This will make your business into an environmentally friendly and conscientious one. It will also help to make your customers feel as if you care about their well-being and health as well. Many customers and restaurant patrons today want to work with a business that stands for something and that maintains principles of sustainability. Businesses that care about the world and community around them are simply more desirable to many customers who want to know that a restaurant or business they give their money to is not a cold-hearted corporate entity but a business with a more personal touch. If you keep these factors and tips in mind, you can be sure that you are able to begin the process of opening a gourmet sandwich shop successfully....

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Tips For Creating Traditional Pork Carnitas

Posted by on Feb 10, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Tips For Creating Traditional Pork Carnitas

When it comes to providing authentic cuisine, many local Mexican restaurants alter their recipes to match American flavor preferences. If you’re looking for classic flavors, one dish you should ask your favorite Mexican restaurant to serve is pork carnitas. Often served on a tortilla and topped with onion, salsa, cilantro and guacamole, traditionally-made carnitas are a significant departure from many of the simplified versions. If you want a chance to sample the traditional product, here’s a look at how you make it. Gathering Ingredients 6-10 pounds of pork picnic or shoulder roast, well marbled Enough lard to melt and completely cover the roast in the pot 3 teaspoons salt 2 cloves of garlic, minced 1 yellow onion, minced 4 tablespoons fresh lime juice 1 tablespoon chili powder 1 teaspoon marjoram 1 teaspoon Mexican oregano 1 teaspoon cumin Preparing the Dish Start with a heavy Dutch oven, cast iron pot or copper-bottomed pot. Melt the lard so that it is liquified and warm throughout. While the lard is melting, cut the pork in four or five sections. Season the sections with salt. Put the pork pieces into the melted lard. Add the rest of the seasonings. The lard will absorb the seasonings, and as that lard penetrates the meat, it will also impart that flavor. The key to flavorful and moist carnitas is not rushing the process. Heat the lard so that it simmers lightly, cooking the meat for 2-3 hours, or until it starts to fall apart. When it starts to fall apart, turn the heat up so that you essentially fry the pieces of meat to create crispy outsides. The goal here is to break up, or shred, the meat so that you create crispy outer edges around all of the meat. All of the crispiness on the meat adds texture to the dish. Serving the Carnitas Once the meat is crispy on the outside, drain it from the cooking fat. You can even place it on paper towels to drain more completely. Then, serve it on warm or toasted flour tortillas. Top it with fresh salsa, homemade guacamole, cilantro and even some fresh lime wedges. The acidity of the lime juice helps to highlight the seasonings in the meat. If you’re not confident in your skills to produce the recipe or you don’t have a heavy-bottomed pot, you should check with your local Mexican restaurant about producing a truly authentic carnitas dish. You can also check out a related site for more...

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Expand Your Restaurant’s Menu Options With These Three Pieces Of Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

Posted by on Feb 2, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Expand Your Restaurant’s Menu Options With These Three Pieces Of Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

Expanding your restaurant’s menu offerings is one way to help boost sales. With the right commercial refrigeration equipment, you can add new items and menu options for your customers. Use the following ideas to invigorate your menu and help increase sales and profits in your establishment. Stand-Up Drink Refrigerators If you have a separate take-out counter for your restaurant, adding a stand-up drink refrigerator gives you a great option for add-on sales. You can stock sodas, juices and bottled water in the cooler so customers can grab a beverage to go with their take-out meal. If you have a liquor license, you might want to consider adding beer and wine to the cooler for added sales. Place the refrigerator next to your take-out cash register to make the added purchases easier for your customers. Salad Bar Tables Salad bars give you a chance to offer healthy eating options while also taking some of the work away from your servers during busy lunch and dinner rushes. The salad components can be prepped in your kitchen ahead of time and placed in the compartments on the salad bar table before each meal. The refrigerated table keeps the items crisp and cold for your customers, and the versatile table design makes it easy to use for a fruit salad bar if you offer brunch on the weekends. Look for a table that has room for plates and flatware on either end to make it easier for your customers to serve themselves. Long tables with multiple compartments for salad fixings and dressings help to create a more diverse selection for your salad bar, making the salad option more enticing for your lunch and dinner crowd. Refrigerated Dessert Cases If your pastry chef is talented, you may want to expand your dessert menu to include whole pies, cakes and pastries that can be taken home at the end of the meal. This helps to increase table turnover by encouraging dessert outside of the dining room while still giving you the chance to make the dessert sale. Choose an upright case that can be seen on the way into the dining room to give customers a sneak peak at what they might be able to buy to take home with them, and be sure to invest in bakery boxes with your restaurant’s name on them for an added bit of advertisement. You can also use the display case to show potential catering customers your available dessert options for their upcoming events. Choosing the right pieces of commercial refrigeration equipment for your restaurant can make it easier to expand your menu offerings and boost sales. Use these ideas as inspiration to increase the options available to your...

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Catering Tips for Your New Year’s Eve Wedding

Posted by on Dec 17, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Catering Tips for Your New Year’s Eve Wedding

Getting married on New Year’s Eve is sure to make your wedding memorable, but how do you choose a catering menu that fits with the theme of the night? After all, since the ceremony and reception are likely to be late, you’re not going to want to serve a full meal that late at night. Instead, consider offering a buffet table of light snacks or even catered, passed trays to keep your guests nibbling all night long. Here are some great catering ideas to help you ring in the New Year and your new marriage at the same time. Offer Lean Proteins Providing your guests with thinly sliced turkey or lean beef will ensure that everyone has the protein needed to maintain stable blood sugar levels to stay awake and alert enough to celebrate the turn of the year as part of your reception. Don’t try to offer a large meal, because large amounts of food that late could make some of your guests tired. Provide the Right Carbohydrates Everyone will be getting their share of refined sugar from your wedding cake, so you want to consider complex, healthy carbohydrates for the rest of the evening. These carbohydrates break down into energy more slowly, providing consistent energy instead of a blood sugar rush that is followed by a sudden drop. Opt for multi-grain pita breads or whole grain crackers to go with the proteins that you’re offering. Select the Right Dips and Spreads Sometimes, whole grain crackers are best served with a spread. Consider cream cheese spreads with olives or fruits to add flavor and a little bit of added protein from the cheese. These also help to keep your guests eating lighter. If you’re going to be offering foods suitable for dipping, consider a couple of light, creamy dips, like fresh dill dip with Greek yogurt. Don’t Skip the Veggies Vegetable plates are a great choice for evenings like this, because they are not only healthy, but light. The crunch, color and freshness are sure to be a hit as your guests mingle, celebrate your union and wait for the New Year to arrive. Put On a Champagne Show Every wedding has champagne. Set yours apart and ring in the New Year in style with a champagne tower. Talk with your catering service about setting up a large tower of flowing champagne that will be sure to wow your guests. The sparkling, bubbly drink is sure to create an impressive sight. As you can see, there are many ways to offer catered foods for your New Year’s Eve wedding without weighing everyone down. Talk with your catering service about options like these for your...

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4 Tips For Self-Catering Your Own Birthday Party

Posted by on Oct 2, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on 4 Tips For Self-Catering Your Own Birthday Party

Throwing together a birthday party is a nice way to get family and friends together for a celebration. Once you have decided on your venue and design options the next step is catering. If you are throwing your birthday party in a restaurant, then the food will be taken care of. However, if you bring the festivities to your home or the park, then catering needs to be taken care of. If you are working with a small budget, hiring a catering company can be a bit expensive. As a result, an easy way to save money is by self-catering your own birthday party. While this can be overwhelming for first-time caterers, it can be done with the help of a few simple tips. Ask Your Guests for Help People are very leery of asking their guests do any kind of work for an event they were invited to. This is understandable; however, unless you have 20 brothers and sisters it is important to get all the help you can. Many people are more than willing to offer some sort of service as long as they do not feel taken advantage of. As a result, always provide all the supplies your guests will need and make sure that you are in the kitchen cooking with them. This will make it seem more like a collective group effort rather than friends or family doing work for free. Bake Desserts Weeks in Advance If you are providing catering for a number of people baking your desserts weeks in advance will free up time the day of your event. Once these desserts like cupcakes and cookies are baked they can be placed into plastic bags and frozen. You can remove the cupcakes from the freezer the night before the event and let them thaw in a refrigerator. The day of the event, delegate the task of decorating these desserts to a few of your friends and family. Cook Main Dishes a Few Days Before the Event Cooking your main dishes is a bit different than baking your cupcakes and other desserts. You want to avoid cooking and freezing your main dishes too far in advanced because many dishes like lasagna have the potential to fall apart when thawed and frozen. When cooking your main dishes, cook them one to two days in advance, then store the dishes in a refrigerator until the event. Follow Food Safety Temperatures While cooking in your kitchen, it is easy to overlook food safety guidelines. However, when you are catering for a group of people it is important to know what temperature each dish should be cooked at. According to Food Safety, beef needs to have a minimum internal temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit. The internal temperature can usually be found by placing a cooking thermometer into the food product. In addition, when you are reheating and thawing dishes they need to be reheated and thawed at a certain temperature. Abiding by food temperature guidelines will help to avoid any health concerns. Cooking food for a large group of people is different than cooking for your family. It can be a lot more stressful, but when done right, it may be the highlight of your event. Therefore, use these tips to ensure that your self-catering is well received...

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4 Tips To Save Money On Single-Serve Coffee Pods

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If you have a coffee maker that requires single-serve coffee pods, you probably love the convenience of placing one of these pods in your coffee maker, pressing a button and having coffee in seconds. One thing that you might not love about your coffee maker, however, is the fact that these single-serve coffee pods can be quite expensive. Luckily, there are a few different ways that you can save money when buying them. 1. Buy in Bulk One of the easiest ways to save money on single-serve coffee pods is to buy them in bulk. Instead of buying at your local grocery store, check out your nearest warehouse club. Even though you’ll have to spend more money, you can often save money over time by buying single-serve coffee pods in bulk. Plus, you will be able to skip trips to the grocery store, and you’ll always know that you have coffee on hand. 2. Buy Generics Don’t assume that you have to purchase coffee pods from all of the biggest brands. Now that single-serve coffee pods have been on the market for years, more and more manufacturers, like 11th Street Coffee, are trying their hand at making them. This means that there are a lot of affordable and delicious generic brands that you can try, and many of them are available for very low prices. 3. Use Coupons Don’t forget about the fact that you can use coupons to purchase your coffee pods for a great deal. For one thing, you should make sure that you always check out your local Sunday paper to look for these coupons; many single-serve coffee pod manufacturers put coupons out in the newspaper to encourage people to try their products. You can also often use store-specific coupons to help you save on your coffee pods. 4. Keep it Simple It’s easy to get excited about the newest and most unique coffee flavors, and you can often find single-serve coffee pods in a host of different flavors. However, buying flavored coffee is often much more expensive. If you keep it simple with regular coffee flavors, you can often purchase your single-serve coffee pods at a much lower price. Plus, you can always soup them up by adding cream, sugar and other additions. As you might already know, single-serve coffee pods can get quite costly. Luckily, following a few simple tips while you’re shopping for these pods can help you save a...

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Indulge In A Moderate Amount Of Chocolate For Heart-Healthy Benefits

Posted by on Jul 30, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Indulge In A Moderate Amount Of Chocolate For Heart-Healthy Benefits

Many people have heard at least some brief information about chocolate being a healthy food, but they may wonder if that’s just wishful thinking and whether any research actually supports this idea. If you’re a chocolate lover, take heart — a certain amount of chocolate does appear to be beneficial for the cardiovascular system. Why Chocolate Is Healthy Plant-based nutrients known as flavonoids are responsible for many healthy benefits in the diet. There are numerous types of flavonoids, some of which are flavanols.   But is chocolate a plant? Well, consider that cocoa comes from the cocoa bean, which is actually a seed from a tree. Cocoa is the main component of chocolate. Flavanols in cocoa are responsible for chocolate’s heart-healthy advantages. The beneficial effects of cocoa flavanols include the following: antioxidant action that eliminates free radicals associated with cell damage and the development of plaque in arteries enhanced nitric oxide production in the body, which relaxes and widens blood vessels for improved circulation reduced stickiness of platelet blood cells, which prevents blood clots reduced insulin resistance for better blood sugar regulation reduced inflammation in the body improved blood vessel function reduced blood pressure Relevant Research Several studies have focused on the positive effects of cocoa on cardiovascular health. An article published in Nutrition Reviews in 2006 noted several of the confirmed benefits of cocoa in the diet. A review of studies that was published in 2008 found that people who ate flavanol-rich dark chocolate every day experienced significant reductions in blood pressure. The results of the review indicate that consuming cocoa regularly could reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, according to the authors.   Adding Chocolate to the Diet Dark chocolate has the greatest abundance of the beneficial flavanols, so focus on that particular substance as much as you can. Avoid chocolate that is characterized by excessive additives, such as a large amount of sugar. The less processed that chocolate is, the more flavanols it contains. That means the cheap commercial chocolate candy you find on grocery store racks isn’t as good as chocolate from food producers that list the percentage of cocoa on the label. If you see a percentage of cacao listed, that definitely counts — it’s simply the unroasted form of cocoa. You also can increase these flavanols in your diet by putting cocoa in milk, yogurt, ice cream or hot cereal. Indulge in a reasonable amount of high-quality chocolate every day if you want to; just don’t go overboard and eat so much that it affects your daily calorie intake. You’ll reap the benefits of heart-healthy cocoa and enjoy eating the tasty substance as well. For more information chocolate, contact a store such as Abdallah Candies And...

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Own A Restaurant? Two Tips To Help You Get Discounted Kitchen Appliance Parts

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If you own a restaurant, you know that the stoves, frying machines and refrigeration equipment that power your restaurant can sometimes malfunction without warning.  When you call up a repair technician, you may find that the price for the replacement parts given to you by the repair contractor are simply out of your budget.  However, you don’t have to risk losing more profits because your kitchen equipment is out of commission.  Use this information to learn more about how you can get discounted commercial kitchen equipment parts. Consider Remanufactured Parts A large part of the reason why the estimate given to you by a repair person is so expensive is because they typically intend to repair your commercial kitchen equipment with brand new parts.  While this may seem like the logical thing to do, it may not indeed be a good idea.  Your kitchen equipment is already used, and spending money on new parts could prove counterproductive, especially if the entire appliance goes out a short time later. Using remanufactured parts is the perfect way for you to save money.  Remanufactured commercial kitchen parts are used items which are returned to the manufacturer so that they can be restored to a condition that is as close to “like new” as possible.  Some manufacturers are so confident in the performance of their remanufactured parts that they even include a warranty with their products. There are a few routes you can take to get remanufactured parts.  You can go online and use your favorite search engine to look for remanufactured commercial kitchen parts, or you can contact a local commercial kitchen supply store to find out if they carry remanufactured parts. Join A Commercial Kitchen Supply Club Another great technique you can use to get kitchen parts without breaking the bank is to join a commercial kitchen supply club.  A commercial kitchen supply club offers members deep discounts on the equipment that they need to keep their restaurants running efficiently.   One of the greatest benefits of being a part of a kitchen supply club is that you get access to your commercial parts quickly.  This means that you can get replacement parts in a pinch at an affordable rate.  In addition, if you have equipment that may feature hard to find parts, the customer service team at the club can locate the parts for you, so you won’t have to waste valuable time looking in all the wrong places. You don’t have to overpay for the commercial kitchen parts that keep your business running.  When you need replacement parts, use these tips so you can save big. Contact a company like K & D Factory Service Inc to learn more about getting the parts you...

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How To Seal Granite Countertops

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Granite countertops don’t necessarily need to be sealed because they are naturally waterproof. However, sealing your countertops can help ensure that they last as long as possible and continue to look great. Sealant will help countertops keep from being stained if a colored liquid should be spilled on them, or from being damaged by grease. Follow these steps to seal your granite countertop yourself.  1. Find the Sealant Go to a hardware store or a home store and purchase a sealant for your countertop. Look for a sealant that is being marketed as resistant to both liquids and oils. While you’re at it, purchase a granite countertop cleaner. 2. Clean the Countertop Apply some of the cleaner to a rag and begin to move in small circles down the entire length of the counter. You want to make sure that you don’t inadvertently leave any foreign particles on the surface of the countertop because they will be sealed into the counter and will make your counter seem bumpy. Finish cleaning the entire tabletop once first, and then clean it again if there still seem to be leftover particles. 3. Dry the Countertop Then dry the countertop. The sealant will not be able to adhere to the table properly if it is wet. 4. Start Sealing Next, you need to start sealing the countertop. Many granite sealants will come with an applicator in the form of a brush, but if yours does not, take a clean, dry rag, and put sealant on one corner. Then either brush or rub the sealant onto the granite. Make sure that you work in small portions and completely finish one area of the counter before moving on to the next one. Once you’ve covered the entire table once, wait for between forty-five minutes to an hour for the first layer to set. Then, perform the action again and add the second layer of sealant. You want two layers of sealant in case you accidentally missed part of the counter. This way, you increase the chances that all parts of the counter will be totally sealed. 5. Allow the Counter to Set Allow the sealant to set overnight. Do not use the counters until this period of time has passed.  6. Check For Touchups Once you’re done sealing, spray your counter with water. If the water beads up and stays at the surface of the table, you know that you’ve done your job. If the water is absorbed, then you might need to do another layer of sealant. For more information, talk to a granite countertop company, such as Home & Kitchen...

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3 Energizing Foods To Try With Your New Swedish Design Cookware

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If you’ve got your eye on some top of the line, Swedish design cookware, you are in good company. For plenty of people, getting a new place or upgrading a kitchen calls for outfitting that kitchen with the best cookware, in order to make cooking easier and more efficient. Efficiency aside, top of the line cookware also adds an aesthetic flair to your kitchen and looks great when used to cook a delicious meal. When you stock up on this excellent cookware, you will also want to figure out some great food staples to keep in mind. If you want to cook some healthy, energizing meals that will put your excellent Swedish design cookware to the test, consider these three energy giving foods that are simple to cook.  #1: Whole Wheat Pancakes Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, you’ll want to make sure that you are getting good energy and nutrients for breakfast that will give you more pep in your step throughout the day. For that, whole wheat pancakes are a great option. These pancakes are a great option, because they are packed with Omega 3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are healthy because they stabilize your blood pressure, preventing issues like hypertension and heart disease. They are also excellent for promoting brain activity, decreasing inflammation, curing asthma and even coping with depression. Pancakes can be cumbersome with cheaper pans, because they can stick, burn and become hard to flip. Using high quality cookware makes these pancakes a great and easy dish to cook.  #2: Brown Rice  When looking for an excellent lunch or dinner that is healthy and energizing, brown rice is a great way to go. The quality of cookware comes into play as well, since rice is a meal that commonly sticks and burns when prepared in lesser cookware. By preparing brown rice on a regular basis, you can take advantage of energizing complex carbohydrates, in addition to magnesium content that regulates your hunger and blood sugar throughout the day. You’ll be able to make delicious rice in Swedish cookware, without having to worry about burning, paint peeling and other mishaps that occur with other cooking utensils.  #3: Eggs Like pancakes, eggs can be tricky to cook depending on the quality of cookware that you have. If you want bright, soft, fluffy eggs for breakfast every day, you’ll be able to get it with a nice set of Swedish kitchenware. Eggs are healthy and energizing due to their Omega 3s and high protein content. Eggs are also packed with good fats, which are needed for the regulation and production of hormones.  Take advantage of these energizing food staples, so that you are eager and able to break out your new cookware and make the most of your health in the process.  (For more information on high quality cookware, contact iPinium...

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